Head Legal & Finance / Directeur Administratif et Financier DAF / CFO



You dream of a new challenge as a head of Legal and Finance, and want to have a real impact on a company with international ambition.

You love to learn about a wide variety of subjects, and go in depth of the complexity of the international

You are inspired by BUILDING the machine nearly from scratch

We are currently looking for our Top Gun manager of Finance & Legal

1. Pragmatic and problem solver

2. Detail-oriented

3. Real Strong Learning Abilities

4. In depth knowledge of French Laws & Strong experience of international laws.


  • Full time Job
  • Ideal Location : Geneva - Paris - Dubai
  • Remote Possible

Your primary mission is to totally free our CEO of all administrative, legal, financial aspects and structure the company in a way it could scale.

You’ll work directly with the COO, you will lead all the finance, admin, and legal topics. 

This is a full-time position, remote or from our beautiful offices in Dubai, Lisbon or Geneva.

If you want to have responsibility, autonomy, and a substantial impact on a company’s growth with international ambition, then this is the place to be.

🎯 Your 6 main missions :

At Paradox, we produce and publish video content every single day on our different platforms.
As a result, here the main mission you’ll be in charge of :

1. Finance

  • Determine the financial strategy and the right KPIs and create Monthly Reporting
  • Implement systems, and cloud-based solutions ( finance IT systems: ERP, Automated reporting, and analytics… ). Technology will play an essential role for you
  • Identify and address financial risks and opportunities )
  • Track and ensure cash flow is appropriate and sustainable

2. Legal

  • Create and update the legal framework (terms of service, terms of use, privacy policy, GDPR compliance, etc.)  and monitor compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Manage the protection of our brands and methods and take care of IP
  • Optimize our contract documentation flow
  • Ensure HR legal compliance: Employees contract, choice of insurance…

3. Accounting

  • Helping to close the books accurately
  • Answer all questions of the Sales, Customer Success, and Dev team on invoicing, accounting… 
  • Management of the team’s expenses and receipts
  • Consolidate financial and operational elements for balance sheets

4. Administrative

  • Choose Setup payroll tools 
  • Follow-up of commercial receivables and Improve collection process and cash flow
  • Manage all financial declarations for the company.
    • Open subsidiaries abroad and set up local financial processes

    5. Create a SCALABLE Organisation

    • Implement financial and accounting systems, processes, tools, and control systems: client administration, purchasing, payments, personnel administration, employee onboarding, tax,…the list is long!
    • Work with developers in order to automate more and more

    6. Strategy

    • Finding the right Lawyers ( IP, Tax, Social ) 
    • Explore new investment opportunities

    Sample of Expected Results

    Process Employee onboarding

    Open new subsidiary company in Geneva and handle all paperwork

    Find and implement the right cloud-based solution for Payroll

    Implement a Monthly reporting and Dashboard to monitor P&L and KPI

    Be fully compliant with GDPR, Terms of Service

    Reduce by 30% our annual bad debt ( the client who don’t pay what they are expected to pay )

    Structure and Implement intra group transfers and conventions required

    Who are we ?

    We believe that too many people end their lives with regrets. That’s why…

    Our mission

    Give ambitious people the tools to think for themselves and live the life that truly inspires them

    Basically we provide a set of tools and strategies on productivity, leadership, coaching and marketing…
    through mobile apps, e-learning platforms, events and a strong presence on social media.

    Today, the education industry faces three major issues :

    1. An effervescence of unfounded theories

    To address this issue, we have surrounded ourselves with scientists, top athletes (Fred Bousquet, Frank Leboeuf, Serge Betsen among others), artists (Barry Osborne, producer of The Lord of the Rings and The Matrix), entrepreneurs (Marc Simoncini, Frédéric Mazzella, Gary Vaynerchuk, Janine Allis) and many other leaders and experts to dissect their strategies and share counter-intuitive and thought-provoking ideas.

    2. Ideas that are worthwhile but shared in a boring way
    and which unfortunately don’t catch attention.

    3. Change is hard. And knowledge only works for too few people

    We found our answer in the Greek Mythology, with the Ulysses Pact.

    Ulysses of his (Greek name Ὀδυσσεύς, Odysseus) wanted to hear the Sirens’ song, but all of those who tried died doing so. So he decided to put wax in his men’s ears so that they could not hear and had them tie him to the mast so that he could not jump into the sea. For the first time ever, someone was able to listen to the sirens while surviving. Ulysses didn’t succeed because of willpower, but because of an ingenious system that gave him no choice but to succeed. And this is what had been called the Ulysses' Pact.

    This is why…


    is to make our trainings about entrepreneurship and coaching as attractive as watching Netflix and as effective as Ulysses' Pact.

    In order to become the go-to place for ambitious people to get results.

    To remember this every day, we created the 100,000 Dreams Wall, 
    It's a great feeling for the team to hang a new dream every day in our office, one that has been fulfilled by one of our clients.

    Today, this approach has paid off and has enabled us to exceed one

    followers on social media
    and to organize online events and training courses attended by thousands of people across the globe.
    To have articles or interviews in many media, here are some of them:
    That’s all well and good, but we wanted more than just personal branding around David Laroche.
    So we created 2 new brands with international ambitions :


    The first one called Business Tribe to serve established entrepreneurs to Grow Their Business

    And the second Effective Coaching Institute to train people become exceptional life and executive coaches.

    And that’s where you come in…

    Why join us ❤️

    You’ll work for a truly unique company and impact  people’s lives in unimaginable ways.. 

    Une culture qui mêle bien-être, performance et sens.

    Growth & Excellence 🚀

      -> 🏅Being surrounded by A-Players  who thrive to perform while being in a good mood

       -> you don’t want bosses, but coaches and ongoing conversations to support your growth

       -> an ambitious company is synonymous with opportunities for your development!

    Impact & Meaning 🔥

      -> 🦄Play a crucial role in the development of a company whose content and products are enjoyed by millions of people

       ->  🤩Waking up in the morning feeling like you are making a difference is something!

    But that's not all, because at the heart of our company's DNA there’s also…

    Competitive Salary 💰

    But you don’t just want a competitive paycheck, you also want…

    Freedom & Well Being 🗽☀️

       -> 😎A company culture based on autonomy & accountability

       -> 🏀350€ per year paid by the company to take care of yourself ( for your gym, or dance class )

       -> 🗽Flexible working hours

       -> 🌎A remote culture from day one with the freedom to work from wherever you want 

       -> 🏤Beautiful offices in Dubai, Paris, Barcelona

       -> 💻Work on Mac, for us it counts 🙂

       -> ✈️Annual team building / Team retreats to get together

    And as Yannick, our community manager, says: 

    To make a long story short, Paradox is a growth adventure on steroids, an adventure where you grow personally while helping others do the same.

    But that’s not all…
    We believe that people do their best when they feel their best
    which is why we provide incredible benefits

    Flexible Hours What’s more important to us is the value you provide rather than when you work

    350€ credit of fitness activity It can be for your gym membership, yoga studio membership, running shoes, race

    Yearly amazing Team Trip We travel somewhere in the world
    To connect, celebrate and be clarify our next challenge

    Great Office It is something to work from a place where there is a limitless view

    Standing desks for everyone for anyone working remotely we’ll give you give a 350€ credit to have an amazing standing desk

    Work where you want The luxury of working from home or everywhere in the world

    Modern Tools Modern tools make our life so much easier, we love them and

    Mac Oh my god we are Mac lovers,
    Yes they are expensive but you deserve it

    *for full time employees

    to work from everywhere in the world

    Work from anywhere in the world. Your home, our beautiful Paris or Dubai offices, a
    co-working space, on the road, you name it. We want you to work where you feel great

    Or from our beautiful Offices in Dubai or Paris

    From the heights of Dubai

    Quentin loves to start his day with a coffee
    on the terrace reflecting on his one thing
    Yes these are really your future offices
    Rooftop on the 43rd floor with terrace

    To the lights of Paris


    To work from anywhere in the world is incredible, but we still need to live real moments together
    Laughing, clarifying the vision, sharing our new goals
    that’s why we organise an…

    Amazing Annual Retreat

    The ideal candidate: 😍


    Where you already need experience on :

    • Worked on French and Anglosaxon Legal & Finance Framework
    • Past CFO, Head Legal & Finance or relevant role
    • Chose & setup of Cloud-Based Tools doing in-depth comparison like Payroll tool  
    • Implement Automation, Reporting, Tools with developers
    • Tech Savy: love modern, digital tools and very at ease with them
    • Capable of owning a project from A to Z, figure things out by yourself
    • Strong financial and accounting background : at with P&L, balance sheet and cash flow management
    • Already worked in a startup or a small enterprise environment, hands-on and ready to build everything from scratch


    • Excellent attention to detail
    • Analytical mind & critical thinker
    • Problem Solver 
    • Strong work capacity
    • At ease with pressure.
    • Obsessed with excellence
    • Organized and rigorous
    • You want to contribute to a company that truly changes lives

    SKILLS : 

    • Excellent communication and leadership skills
    • Capable of working with developers 
    • Ability to adapt and contextualize a complex legal framework to our operational needs
    • Proven track record of collaborating with cross-functional teams including Analytics, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, HR…

    Language :

    English: Fluent

    French : Bilingual

    But maybe it’s not for you….

    We don’t want people who are just looking for a “job”.
    We are inspired by…

    a culture of performance and ambition

    We want to have an impact
    And we dream to play in the big league, yes…

    There are basketball clubs that were made to be amateur clubs and others who aspire to play in the NBA.
    Both are great, and serve their purpose.

    Playing in the NBA demands a lot more from the players, but for some it’s what they always dreamt about.
    Some are repulsed by Michael Jordan’s high standards, we are inspired by him, by his dedication to his craft and his thirst for excellence.

    For sure we have a lot to do in order to be able to say we play in the big league.
    But we know we want it…
    For us it’s not about NBA, it’s about creating awe for our clients, designing the best training and impact as many lives as possible.

    Some people imagine that they will work in an easy and pressure-free environment.
    But we have a very startup oriented culture where everything goes fast, where there are a lot of changes
    and where we don’t always tell you exactly what to do and how to do it.

    We tell each other things, even if they are uncomfortable, we prefer growth over the comfort of our ego and we like it! With us, expressing disagreement to a manager our to the CEO and knowing how to argue is valued!

    We encourage critical and strategic thinking, we question our assumptions, we are attentive to our biases and we try to put our energy where the leverage is the greatest.
    Do you see criticism as a personal attack? Are you willing to receive regular feedback to help you progress?
    Are you ready to welcome them? To give it to others?

    Again, we are aware that sometimes it’s not comfortable
    but we know that for some people it’s the kind of environnement they always dreamt about.
    If it’s your case, then we’re going to love working with you
    (and you’ll be cherished with us!),
    And if it's ok for you come and write the next chapter with us.

    How to apply and join the adventure ?

    Recruitment process

    Any copy-pasted and non-personalized application goes directly to the trash can.

    ⚠️ To complete the recruitment process, each candidate must organize calls with his or her previous managers. If you are not comfortable with this idea: do not apply ⚠️

    TO APPLY :

    All you have to do is to fill out a short questionnaire by clicking on “APPLY NOW”.
    We will ask you to attach your CV (incomplete applications will not be considered).

    Google in its early days conducted 12 job interviews.
    Apple still does between 9 and 12.
    We do 4.

    Some will find that it’s still too much but for us it’s the right balance to make sure this job is right for you as we want to avoid as much as possible that in 3 or 6 months, you or we realize that this job is not for you so we avoid as much as possible these always uncomfortable moments. For you, and for us!

    ❌ Any copy-pasted and non-personalized application goes directly to the trash can.

    ⚠️ To complete the recruitment process, each candidate must organize calls with his or her previous managers. If you are not comfortable with this idea: do not apply ⚠️

    If it's ok for you, come and write the next chapter with you 🚀🚀🚀🚀

    Recruitment process

    📃 A quick 7 to 8-minutes survey
    🎥 A 3 min video to introduce yourself
    📞⚡️*A 15-minutes call * by zoom or by phone
    📞🌟A 60-minute CULTURE interview by Zoom or by phone to better understand your background and check in depth the alignment with our values and culture
    📞 ⚙️ A 60-minute TECHNICAL interview with your future manager to align with what would be expected from you and to assess your specific skills.
    ⚠️ Reference Calls: you organize for us at least 3 calls with former managers. We do this because it’s the insurance for you and the team to be surrounded by A-Players, and it’s also a way to get to know you and make your onboarding easier.

    Welcome aboard!