Defy the status quo

We deliver inspiring and educational storytelling and experiences to our audience of smart, curious, ambitious people.

What defines us

Our goals have always been the same

Dream, experiment, pay attention to details, look for the next crazy thing, keep learning and have an impact on the world!


Our mission

Our mission

What we work towards

Help the ambitious defy the status quo
And live the life that truly inspires them

We want to eradicate the all too common syndrome of ending our lives with regrets. That's why we provide those who dare to dream big with the strategies, the tools and the inspiration to live their ambition and shape the world in their own way.


Our vision

Our vision

How we want to see the world tomorrow

A world where Mastering yourself
Is as cool as running with your Nike outfit

A world where people
tap into their potential and have sparkles in the eyes.gain discipline, think for themselves, and live the life that truly inspires them.


Our vibe

Our vibe

The way we want to realize our vision

At Paradox, we create Awe for people

We start by pondering on what is the next crazy thing to accomplishThen we rely on one obsession : create wonder, astonishment, and make people say “wow” by giving them what they have never seen before. That’s why you’ll hear often “that’s not badass enough yet”


Our ambition

Our ambition

As a company what do we aim for

We want to create masterpieces
And shake the common ways in our industry

Produce what very few companies have the courage to doToday we serve millions of people.We hope to one day serve billions of people.

It’s not a job for us, it’s about…




Our goals have always been the same

Dream, experiment, create awe, make an impact, never stop learning
And look for the next crazy thing

There’s something special about your hard work…

Yes it’s something to know that your talents are helping tens of thousands of people live the life that inspire them.

Fun is also part of our story

At any given time you might see team members cracking Jokes and laughing. We believe fun is part of making extraordinary things.

But it’s not for everyone….


We are also aware that… a culture of performance and ambition is not for everyone and we respect that.


To enjoy working with us, people need to be inspired. People who love that, love our culture, and are loved and cherished for that.

Working at Paradox

We asked our employees how they would sum up their experience at Paradox. Discover what they say!

"I'm constantly learning new things and I feel really stimulated intellectually, which is very important to me. If I have to synthesize in 3 words : exciting, enlightening, surprising."

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Position, Company name

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Our Story

How it started vs where we are

And it's just the beginning! We need you to reach new highs 🚀


We had a dream... Renting a large venue to host an inspiring one-man show. 

At first, the idea seemed crazy! But we went for it anyway and managed to fill the Pasino Aix-En-Provence.

Unfortunately... The experience was chaotic.

With only four people handling registrations, the process was far too slow! We ended up starting the show 45 minutes late...

But despite the challenges, we persevered and made it through together. 

We dreamed of renting the Eiffel Tower.
It seemed impossible, but we did it!



In 2018, we did it again, but this time for a 3-day seminar. And we succeeded!

The event went smoothly, and we owe it all to our amazing team, including the video team that worked their magic.

We are proud to say that our team has grown significantly, comprising individuals from various disciplines and professional backgrounds.

From engineers to designers, from marketing experts to business analysts, we have a diverse and talented workforce that collaborates seamlessly to create a wide range of innovative products.

Our success story is a testament to the power of perseverance, teamwork, and a commitment to excellence.

We are excited about the future and confident in our ability to continue creating products, programs and experiences that make a difference in people's lives.


The only metric we care about is

How much people evolve

It led us to study what research says about pedagogy and discovered that our brain is wired to learn only though practice, group work, and stories

From that day we became obessed with making it part of our DNA

"Ça fait 2 mois que j'ai découvert les vidéos de coaching et j'ai décider de changer ma vie de merde, j'ai arrêté les médocs, les jeux vidéo bientôt le tabac, je lis 1 à 2 livres par semaine et j'ai radicalement changé ma vision de la vie, ma philosophie et j'ai pas encore fini!"


"Merci pour cette vidéo, comme je te l'ai dit deja 100fois, tu m'as sauvé la vie en 2015 en regardant tes videos, par hasard, je ne me suis pas "

Karine Barthuet

"Grâce à toi j'ai réussis à obtenir une qugmentation des mes revenus 1/3 dans mon entreprise et un poste de responsable et maintenant objectif est de développer le secteur activités qui a été confirmé

Nicolas Colin

"Salut David! Ça fait 2 mois que j'ai découvert les vidéos de coaching et j'ai décider de changer ma vie de merde, j'ai arrêté l'alcool, les joints, les médocs, les jeux vidéo bientôt le tabac, je lis 1 à 2 livres par semaine et j'ai radicalement changé ma vision de la vie, ma philosophie et j'ai pas encore fini!"



Our brands

and more brands and products are coming


Empower people to live their true ambition by developing their power skills


Helping people transform lives or businesses through coaching tools, neuroscience researches, and pedagogy inspired by high-level sport.


is a e-learning platform for ambitious individuals, offering practical, real-world solutions for personal and professional growth.


is a dynamic, inspiring video media that broadcasts ideas, tips and counter-intuitives from personalities, top athletes, entrepreneurs, artists


Discover interviews designed to help you accelerate your growth, undertake entrepreneurial ventures, and have a positive impact through your businesses.


Empowering young people to achieve their goals and develop their talents through mentoring, coaching, and practical tools.

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